XIKAR Travel Humidors: The ultimate protection for your cigars

XIKAR® Cigar Travel Humidor Options

XIKAR Travel Humidors: The ultimate protection for your cigars

Humidors are used to store cigars in a controlled environment that mimics the conditions in which cigars are traditionally rolled and aged. They are designed to maintain a specific level of humidity, typically around 70% relative humidity, and a specific temperature, typically around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to preserve the moisture content of the cigars, preventing them from drying out and becoming brittle, while also allowing the flavors and aromas to develop properly. Additionally, humidors can help to protect cigars from external factors such as light, heat, and changes in temperature and humidity that can degrade the quality of the cigars over time.

Airtight, watertight and crush-proof cigar travel cases

XIKAR Travel Humidors are specifically designed to protect cigars when they are being transported. These types of humidors are often made from durable materials such as aluminum or leather and are typically equipped with airtight seals and humidifiers to help maintain the proper humidity level for cigars.

5 Cigar Travel Humidor

20 Cigar Travel Humidor

40 Cigar Travel Humidor

60 Cigar Travel Humidor

They come in different sizes, some are small enough to fit in a pocket, while others can hold even 60 or more cigars. Some travel humidor cases are even designed as briefcases and include humidifiers that can be filled with distilled water or propylene glycol solution to maintain the perfect humidity levels for your cigars.

Portable cigar leather travel case is another option to keep cigars in the best condition while traveling. These cases are designed to protect cigars from damage and provide a humid environment while on the go. They are generally made of durable materials such as leather and come in smaller sizes to hold fewer cigars.

Leather Cigar Travel Case

Single Cigar Leather Travel Case

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10 Cigar Travel Humidor

It's important to note that regardless of the type of travel humidor or case you choose, it's essential to keep it properly calibrated and filled with the appropriate solution to ensure your cigars stay fresh, moisture and in the best condition while traveling.

XIKAR® Ultimate Cigar Travel Humidor

The XIKAR® Cigar Travel Humidor is the ultimate protection for your cigars while on the move. With a 40 to 60 cigars capacity this case is perfect for cigar enthusiasts who love to travel and want to keep their cigars fresh and in the best condition. The case is constructed with super-strong ABS molded plastic, making it airtight, watertight and crush-proof, ensuring your cigars are protected from any damage while in transit.

The humidor case features stainless steel hinge and latch hinges, and a molded lock ring, adding extra durability and security to the case. The high-density urethane foam provides additional protection for your cigars and helps to keep them in place during travel. The 60ct humidifier with magnet attachment is included to help maintain the perfect humidity level for your cigars, and the pressure relief valve allows for easy opening of the case. The locking clasp adds an extra layer of security to keep your cigars safe and secure.

This travel humidor is available with or without a label for personalizing your travel case, making it easy to identify and personalize your case. It's a great investment for cigar aficionados who want to keep their cigars in perfect condition while traveling.