The Art and Science of Cigar Cutting

The Art and Science of Cigar Cutting

The Art and Science of Cigar Cutting

Hello cigar aficionados, today, we're diving into the art of cigar cutting. We'll be using one of our premium HC series Colorado cigars and the intricately designed Mayan 3D luxury cigar cutter from XIKAR's exquisite collection.

Many of you may already be acquainted with the XIKAR Xi cutter design. For the uninitiated, it works in a simple yet effective manner. You press down on the button, and the sides pop open. Secure the cigar cutter in your palm, give it a firm squeeze, and voila, you've executed a smooth cut. The clippings conveniently fall right into your palm.

Where to cut the cigar?

However, our main focus today is on the technique of cutting a cigar the right way. You'll notice a small edge at the end of the cigar – that's the cap, applied by the rollers to seal in the cigar's humidity and provide a finished look. It's crucial not to cut beyond this cap, which follows the cigar's natural shoulder. If you do, the cigar will begin to unravel, ruining your smoking experience.

The cap also helps maintain the integrity of the cigar, which is constructed with the leaf layers running lengthways. To achieve a perfect cut, align the blades of your cigar cutter with the shoulder of the cigar. As you make the cut, press the blades down towards the cigar. This technique ensures a smooth, even cut and helps control the clippings.

Once you've mastered this method, using similar double-guillotine type cigar cutter, you'll be rewarded with a beautifully clean cut every time, and your clippings will conveniently drop into your hand.

The Best Cigar Cutting style.

Now, let's talk about personal preferences. I favor a guillotine cut. The reason? It removes the most from the end of the cigar, unveiling the true craftsmanship of the roller. A clean, broad cut across the diameter reveals the quality of the roll and the draw it provides, allowing you to fully appreciate the talent behind your premium cigar. Now that you're equipped with this knowledge, you're ready to enhance your cigar smoking experience. Check out our Best Cigar Cutter post, choose your cutter, and Happy smoking!