10 Essentials Cigar Afficionado's Should Know

10 Essential Things Every Cigar Afficionado Should Know

10 Essentials Cigar Afficionado's Should Know:

Embarking on the journey of cigar smoking can be an enriching experience, filled with nuanced flavors, aromas, and rituals. But to truly appreciate the world of cigars, it's crucial to grasp some fundamental aspects of this age-old tradition.

XIKAR's Cigar Guide

XIKAR, renowned for crafting superior cigar lighters and accessories, is here to guide you through the essentials. From understanding the importance of a cigar's shape and size to mastering the art of cutting and lighting your cigar, we're committed to making your experience enjoyable and rewarding. So, whether you're a novice stepping into the world of cigars or an experienced aficionado seeking to deepen your knowledge, join us as we explore the 10 essential things every cigar smoker should know.

Cigar Size and Shape Matter

At XIKAR, we understand the importance of the size and shape of a cigar. It determines how long the smoke will last and the intensity of the flavor. For instance, larger and thicker cigars such as 'Churchill' will generally provide a longer smoke than smaller, thinner ones like 'Cult Fuerte'.

Hand-Rolled Cigars vs. Machine-Made

XIKAR supports the artistry and tradition of hand-rolled cigars. Hand-rolled cigars are made entirely by hand with high-quality, long-filler tobacco leaves, which result in a slower burn and more complex flavors compared to their machine-made counterparts.

Know Your Tobacco Leaf Wrapper

The cigar wrapper (tobacco leaf wrapper) not only influences the cigar's flavor but also its burning characteristics. Our PuroTemp Hygrometers are designed to help maintain optimal conditions in your humidor, preserving the quality of the wrapper and the overall smoking experience.

Mastering the Art of Cigar Cutting with Xikar

In the realm of cigar smoking, the precision and method of cutting your cigar significantly influence the quality of your smoke. It's an art, and mastering it will certainly enhance your experience. Thankfully, Xikar provides a variety of cigar cutters designed to make the perfect cut every time.

Every single cigar cutter offered by Xikar caters to different preferences, but all ensure a clean, sharp cut for the best smoking experience. Remember, the cut's purpose is to create an ample, smooth drawing path. A poor cut can lead to an uneven burn or damage to the cigar wrapper. Therefore, having a good quality cutter like those offered by Xikar can significantly improve your cigar smoking journey.

Storing Your Cigar

Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the quality of your cigars. XIKAR's travel humidors combined with cigar Hygrometer and Humidifier ensure optimal humidity and temperature for your cigars, keeping them fresh and ready to enjoy.

Lighting Your Cigar

Lighting a cigar properly is key to achieving a uniform burn and an enjoyable smoking session, and we've put together a comprehensive guide just for this. This guide thoroughly explains the nuances of how to light a cigar.

The range of XIKAR torch lighters, widely recognized as the best cigar lighters, consistently provide a robust flame for a uniform light, regardless of windy conditions.

Ashing Your Cigar

Let the ash fall naturally. Knocking the ash off too soon can cause the cigar to go out or disrupt the burn. XIKAR's Burnout Cigar Ashtray are perfect for accommodating your cigars as they burn naturally.

Inhale of the Cigar is Optional

Cigar smoking is about savoring the taste of the tobacco in your mouth. Unlike cigarettes, the pleasure of cigar smoking comes from the flavors of the smoke in your mouth, not from inhaling into your lungs.

Rotate Your Cigars

In your humidor, cigars on the bottom benefit from more humidity, while the top ones get less. Rotate your cigars periodically for uniform humidity. XIKAR's adjustable dividers in our humidors make this process easier.

Relighting a Cigar

If your cigar goes out, don't worry. XIKAR cigar torch lighters are designed for easy and quick relighting. But remember, if more than one-half of the cigar is already burned or if it has been out more than a few minutes, it may taste bitter if relit.

Remember, the best way to truly enjoy your cigar smoking experience is to take your time and savor it. At XIKAR, we aim to enhance this experience by providing high-quality accessories that every cigar aficionado should own.

10 Essentials Cigar Afficionado's Should Know