Troubleshooting Xikar Cigar Lighters

Troubleshooting Cigar Lighters:

XIKAR torch lighter Troubleshooting - Unclogging a Burner

TROUBLESHOOTING: Clogged Cigar Lighter's Jet Burners

Step 1: Using a soft cloth or paper towel and alcohol, clean any residue from the burner. Allow 2-3 minutes for the area to dry.

Never attempt to ignite a lighter that has been cleaned with alcohol before allowing it to properly dry. Do not use harsh chemicals such as alcohol on the EZ-View fuel window as it can cause damage to the lighter.

Step 2: Use low-pressure air (such as an electronic duster) to blow out debris from the burner. Aim the nozzle directly into the burner and blow out for 1-2 seconds at a time. After 2-3 bursts of air, it should have cleared out any debris.

Is your XIKAR torch lighter failing to ignite consistently, or perhaps producing a weak flame instead of a robust torch? It's possible that accumulated debris might be clogging your lighter's burner. No need to worry - this step-by-step video guide will show you how to effectively clean your burner and restore your XIKAR lighter to its optimal performance. Say goodbye to unreliable flames and get back to the excellent functionality you expect from your XIKAR product.

Adjusting a Spark Wire of Your Cigar Lighter

Troubleshooting Cigar Lighters: There is a Click, Fuel is going out, Spark in place - but NO LIGHT

Is your XIKAR lighter failing to generate a flame, yet you still hear the familiar click and fuel flow, and even see a spark? The issue might be with the direction of your lighter's spark wire. This detailed tutorial video will guide you on how to adjust the spark direction so that it can efficiently ignite your Purofine Butane fuel. Follow these steps to restore your lighter's superior functionality and get it back to creating the robust flame you're used to.

Internal Flame Adjustment

TROUBLESHOOTING: Flame too high or too low no matter how you set it up

You would just need a small screwdriver and a set of small pliers. Remove the screw on your adjustment wheel (may be found on the side or directly on top of the wheel) and keep that to the side in a safe area (you will need this screw later on). After removing the wheel from the lighter, set it aside, then using the pliers adjust the regulator up or down ¼ of a turn; you can reference the adjustment wheel for the correct direction.

Once you are confirm that the lighter is working as desired, reinstall the wheel onto the valve and screw it in place. Do not over tighten the screw as it can damage the valve or the fuel wheel.

Troubleshooting Cigar Lighters: Is the flame adjustment on your cigar lighter not hitting the mark? Or goes way over it? You have the power to correct it yourself. You can tweak the internal adjustment range right at home to customize the flame to your preference. This way, you can ensure a satisfying and perfect light every time. Tune into this step-by-step guide to make the necessary adjustments swiftly and efficiently. Read our Cigar Blog For more tips and tricks!