What are the best lighters for cigars?

What are the best lighters for cigars?

List of the Best Cigar Lighters

2023 Xikar's Best Cigar Lighter Picks:

List of the Best Cigar Lighters; Top 5 Cigar Torch Lighters:

1. XIKAR® HP4 Quad-Jet Torch Cigar Lighter

Experience the epitome of flame performance with the XIKAR® HP4 Quad-Jet Torch Cigar Lighter. Designed with a unique in-line fuel adjustment wheel and oversized double fuel windows, this lighter boasts a windproof, quad-jet flame. This means perfect ignition in any conditions, making it an essential accessory for any cigar enthusiast.

HP4 Quad-Jet Cigar Torch Lighter

2. XIKAR® Volta Quad-Jet Tabletop Cigar Lighter

For those who enjoy their cigars at home or in the office, the XIKAR® Volta Quad-Jet Tabletop Cigar Lighter is the perfect choice. This heavyweight, robust lighter offers an unwavering quad-jet flame for a perfect light every time. It's designed to last, promising extended performance and a steady torch flame that cigar connoisseurs will appreciate.

Volta Quad-Jet Tabletop Cigar Lighter

3. XIKAR® HP3 Triple-Jet Flame Cigar Torch Lighter

The XIKAR® HP3 Triple-Jet Flame Torch Lighter is a true engineering marvel, offering windproof performance and an in-line triple-torch flame for precision lighting. This lighter gives you control and consistency, no matter where you're enjoying your cigar.

 HP3 Triple-Jet Flame Torch Lighter

4. XIKAR® Tactical Triple Jet Lighter

Rugged and ready for anything, the XIKAR® Tactical cigar lighter is perfect for the adventurous cigar lover. With a low-profile pocket/belt clip and a windproof triple torch flame, this lighter offers tactical performance and durability. Whether you're on a hiking trail or a city rooftop, this lighter delivers a flawless light every time.

Tactical Cigar Torch Lighter

5. XIKAR® Stratosphere Windproof Cigar Lighter

Built to perform even in the highest altitudes, the XIKAR® Stratosphere Windproof Torch Cigar Lighter is the ultimate companion for high-altitude adventurers. Tested to 10,000 ft, this extremely durable lighter offers a single jet flame, providing the precision and dependability you need, wherever your journey takes you.

Stratosphere Windproof Torch Lighter

XIKAR's cigar torch lighters aren't just functional tools, but also expressions of personal style. Their robust designs and high-performance features make them the preferred choice for those who truly appreciate the art of smoking cigars. Remember, the cigar smoking ritual starts with the cut and the light - and with Xikar's range of cigar torch lighters, you're always off to a perfect start and precision.

List of the Best Cigar Lighters: Top 5 Butane Lighters:

1. Pipeline Soft Flame Butane Lighter

An elegant blend of form and function, this lighter features an angled soft flame, making it an essential companion for pipe enthusiasts. Its luxurious styling ensures it will be a classy addition to any pipe or cigar smoking setup.

Pipeline Soft Flame Butane Lighter

2. EX Windproof Butane Lighter

This hybrid cigar lighter offers the balance of a soft and windproof flame. With its focus on balancing style, materials, price, and performance, it is an excellent all-rounder that can meet the needs of various cigar smokers.

EX Windproof Butane Lighter

3. Verano Flat-flame Butane Lighter

This lighter introduces a new flame type to the cigar world. It offers the power of a double flame and the breadth of a triple flame in a flat flame format. This innovation ensures maximum fuel efficiency and an even burn every time.

Verano Flat-flame Butane Lighter

4. Meridian Triple Soft-flame Luxury Cigar Lighter

A celebration of tradition and innovation, this lighter features a large, easy-to-use flint ignition. It produces a unique triple soft flame, creating a robust flame that fully envelops the foot of a cigar for an effortless light.

5. Forte Hybrid Flame Cigar Lighter

The Forte Hybrid combines the classic flip-top design with a modern button ignition. Its slick and flat design makes it a very portable option, and its windproof capabilities ensure reliable lighting in various conditions.

Forte Hybrid Flame Cigar Lighter

These are just a few examples of the exceptional craftsmanship that XIKAR® offers in their range of butane lighters. Each model is thoughtfully designed to ensure an optimal cigar lighting experience, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and style.

Each XIKAR®'s butane lighter has been engineered to provide cigar enthusiasts with the utmost in comfort, convenience, and performance. They cater to a wide range of preferences, from traditional soft flame lighters like the Pipeline and Meridian, to the cutting-edge, windproof designs of the EX and Verano models.

List of the Best Cigar Lighters for 2023