The Art of Lighting a Cigar - What are your options?

How to light a cigar?

How to light a cigar?

Art of Lighting a Cigar: There are many different types of lighters that can be used to light a cigar, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Ultimately, the most important thing is to make sure the cigar is lit evenly and to take your time to ensure a good burn.

Here are a few options that are popular among cigar smokers

#1 Butane lighters

"Soft flame" butane lighter is the most common type of cigar lighter out there. It use butane gas as a fuel source. They are usually refillable and produce a long enough, steady flame that allows you to evenly light the cigar without burning it or getting too close to the flame. Xikar carries many types of "soft flame" units, praised by cigar enthusiasts around the world. From pipe lighters, designed to light your pipe upside-down to flat flame or triple flame butane lighters.

Pipe Lighter

Flat-flame Lighter

Triple Soft-flame Lighter

Soft-flame Lighter

#2 Wooden matches

These can be a good option for lighting a cigar if you prefer a natural flame source. Just be sure to let the sulfur burn off the match before using it to light the cigar.

#3 Cedar spills

Some cigar aficionados use cedar spills, which are thin, elongated pieces of cedar wood that are lit and used to light the cigar. This method provides the smoker with a pure and clean flame, and it is considered a traditional way to light a cigar.

#4 Torch lighters

Butane torch lighters use a jet flame that is focused and intense, making them a Nr.1 choice among cigar afficionados for proper and convenient way of lighting cigars. They are also windproof and great for lighting multiple cigars in a row.

When using a torch lighter, it is important to be mindful of the flame intensity and distance. The flame should be focused and intense, but not so close to the cigar that it burns the tobacco or damages the cigar wrapper. 

Single-Jet Torch Lighter

Double-Jet Torch Lighter

Triple-Jet Butane Lighter

Quad-Jet Flame Torch Lighter

One of the main advantages of using a torch lighter to light a cigar is that it allows you to heat the tobacco evenly and consistently, which is important for getting the best flavor and burn from the cigar. The intense flame of a torch lighter also makes it easier to light oversized cigars with thicker wrappers, which can be more challenging to light with a traditional butane lighter.

Additionally, many cigar enthusiasts appreciate the convenience and ease of use of a torch lighter, as they can be ignited with just the push of a button and do not require refilling as often as butane lighters. Overall, a torch lighter can be a good choice for lighting a cigar if you want a reliable, consistent and windproof flame source that is convenient and easy to use. 

#5 Electric lighters

Art of Lighting a Cigar with Electric lighters which use a battery-powered electric arc or in more modern models such as Xikar X-Flame electric grill or coil to light the cigar. They are a good option if you want a flame-free scent-free and flavor-free lighting experience.

Electric lighters are a convenient option for lighting cigars because they do not require a butane or flame. Electronic lighters are easy to use and do not require fuel refilling, making them a convenient choice for people who do not want to deal with the hassle of refilling a butane lighter.

X-Flame Electric Lighter

One of the main advantages of electric lighters is that they are reliable and consistent, as they do not depend on a fuel source like butane or wood matches. This can be especially important for people who smoke cigars frequently and need a reliable way to light them.