Using a Hygrometer for Perfect Humidor Conditions - A Guide for Cigar Aficionados

Hygrometer for Perfect Humidor Conditions

Every True Cigar Aficionado Needs a Hygrometer

As a cigar aficionado, you understand that maintaining the right level of humidity in your humidor is crucial to preserving the quality and taste of your cigars. This is where a reliable hygrometer comes in. In this guide, we'll explore the best hygrometers from XIKAR, a reputable cigar accessory brand, that you can use to ensure optimal conditions in your humidor.

Xikar PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System

PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System

The Xikar PuroTemp Hygrometer System is a sophisticated piece of technology, offering features that surpass the standard hygrometer functionalities. It comprises a base unit and one remote sensor that can monitor up to three humidors within a 60ft range.

With its ability to display both temperature and relative humidity, you can quickly assess the conditions of your humidors at a glance. The PuroTemp system alerts you about high and low temperature or humidity conditions, allowing you to adjust as necessary. It offers a temperature range from –13°F to 140°F (–25°C to 60°C) and a relative humidity range from 20% to 95%, with accuracy levels within +/- 2% for RH and +/- .1 °C for temperature.

Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer

Round Digital Hygrometer

The Round Digital Hygrometer from XIKAR is a compact device, measuring just 1.85" in width and 0.5" in depth. This unit is specifically designed to provide accurate readings straight out of the box, without the need for initial calibration.

With a rapid refresh rate of 10 seconds, you'll have up-to-the-moment readings of both the temperature and relative humidity in your humidor. With long-term accuracy and minimal maintenance required, this digital hygrometer for humidor is a practical choice for any cigar enthusiast. It includes a LR1130 button cell battery, ensuring you can start using it right away.

XIKAR® Round Digital Gauge Hygrometer

XIKAR® Round Digital Gauge Hygrometer

For those who appreciate a classic aesthetic with a digital twist, the XIKAR® Round Digital Gauge Hygrometer presents the perfect choice. This unit features a stylish 'speedometer' style display, giving your humidor a unique touch.

This hygrometer tapers to 1.81" on the backside for standard humidor installation, measures 2.28" in width and 0.66" in depth, and has a refresh rate of 15 seconds. This Digital Hygrometer provides accurate temperature and humidity readings, ensuring the optimum conditions for your cigars. The hygrometer includes a CR2025 button cell battery.

Choosing the right hygrometer

Choosing the right hygrometer is a crucial step in maintaining your cigars' quality and flavor. Whether you opt for the advanced features of the PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System or the simplicity and style of the Round Digital or Round Digital Gauge Hygrometers, XIKAR provides a variety of options that cater to every cigar lover's needs.

Remember, the secret to a perfectly maintained cigar lies in a well-monitored humidor. With the help of a reliable hygrometer, you can ensure your cigars age gracefully, enhancing their flavors and your overall smoking experience.