How to Choose the Right Cigar Lighter for You

Choose the Right Cigar Lighter for You

Understanding the Differences in Cigar Lighters

Choosing the right cigar lighter can significantly enhance your smoking experience, ensuring your cigar burns evenly and consistently. From soft flame butane lighters to torch lighters with single or multiple flame jets, Xikar offers a comprehensive range of cigar lighter options. This guide will help you navigate the many choices and find the perfect lighter to meet your needs and match your style.

Soft Flame Butane Lighters:

Ideal for pipe smokers and those who prefer a more traditional approach, soft flame butane lighters offer a gentler flame that's well-suited to indoor use or calm outdoor conditions. Xikar offers several innovative options in this category.

XIKAR® Resource Pipe Lighter

The XIKAR® Resource Pipe Lighter is a remarkable innovation that beautifully marries form with function. Designed specifically with pipe smokers in mind, it features a soft flame that's angled at 90 degrees to the handle, a design choice that allows for effortless upside-down lighting of your pipe.

This unique angle is not just a design quirk; it's a carefully thought-out feature that takes into account the natural action of lighting a pipe. By permitting upside-down lighting, the Resource Pipe Lighter ensures that you can maintain the natural position of the pipe while lighting it, preventing awkward angles or potential damage to the pipe.

The soft flame of the XIKAR® Resource Pipe Lighter offers a gentle and controlled heat source, ideal for the nuanced craft of pipe smoking. The flame's intensity can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences, ensuring a perfect light every time.


XIKAR® Pipeline Soft Flame Classic Lighter

XIKAR® Pipeline Soft Flame Lighter: With its classic flint ignition and vintage look, the Pipeline combines luxurious styling with dependable function, making it an essential lighter for all pipe smoking enthusiasts.

Designed with an undeniably vintage look, the Pipeline Soft Flame Lighter is a statement piece that carries a sense of nostalgia. Its luxurious styling, with a striking blend of polished metal and detailed finishes, lends it a classic appeal that complements the refined taste of a pipe smoker.

However, the XIKAR® Pipeline is not just about looks. This lighter combines its elegant design with dependable function, providing a soft, gentle flame ideal for pipe smoking. Its reliable flint ignition ensures that it lights up every time, while the flame's intensity can be easily adjusted for precise control.

Flash single-jet torch Lighter

The XIKAR® Flash Single-Jet Torch Lighter is a powerful tool designed for the discerning cigar connoisseur. Its robust single-jet flame is wind-resistant, ensuring a reliable light even in challenging weather conditions. The flame's intensity allows for a precise, evenly distributed heat, making it perfect for achieving a flawless start to your cigar smoking experience.

One of the defining features of this torch lighter is its sleek, slim design. The streamlined form makes it easy to carry in your pocket or cigar case, and its aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Its compact size does not compromise its performance, delivering a strong flame with each and every click.

Flat Flame Butane Lighter:

XIKAR® Verano Flat-Flame Butane Lighter

The XIKAR® Verano Flat-Flame Lighter is an exceptional piece of engineering that redefines the modern cigar experience. This unique butane lighter, with its cutting-edge design, is a perfect example of how Xikar continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the world of cigar accessories.

What sets the Verano Flat-Flame Lighter apart is its distinctive flame. Powered by three flame nozzles, the design results in a completely flat flame – an innovation not commonly found in traditional lighters. These nozzles are angled in such a way that their flames converge to create a singular flat plane of heat. This broad, uniform flame offers a more even distribution of heat across the foot of the cigar, making it easier to achieve a perfect light every time.

The benefits of this flat flame extend beyond mere practicality. It also adds a dramatic visual element to the lighting process, creating a unique spectacle that enhances the ritual of lighting a cigar.

Power Torch Lighters:

Torch lighters offer a robust, windproof flame that's perfect for outdoor use or windy conditions. Xikar offers single and dual jet options in various finishes to match your style.

XIKAR® Stratosphere Windproof and single-jet torch lighter

What truly sets the Stratosphere apart is its windproof design. The powerful single jet flame can withstand even the gustiest conditions, ensuring a consistent and reliable light every time. This makes it an ideal companion for outdoor smoking sessions or for those who live in windy locales.

The Stratosphere isn't just about performance, though. This lighter boasts a modern, sleek design with a rubber body that offers a superior grip. The rubberized finish not only adds to the lighter's visual appeal, but it also ensures a secure hold, reducing the risk of slippage.

The modern look of the XIKAR® Stratosphere Windproof Lighter, combined with its robust and reliable functionality, makes it a prime choice for those seeking a lighter that performs as good as it looks. Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado or a novice to the hobby, the Stratosphere promises a lighting experience that's both effortless and enjoyable.

XIKAR® ELX Dual Jet Torch Lighter

XIKAR® ELX Dual Jet Lighter: This windproof lighter is as elegant as it is functional, with beautiful vintage bronze, matte black, or gunmetal finish options. Its dual jet flame ensures a powerful and even light every time.

But the XIKAR® ELX is not just about high performance - it's also a showcase of elegant design. The lighter is available in a variety of finishes, including vintage bronze, matte black, and gunmetal. Each finish gives the lighter a distinct, stylish appearance that sets it apart from other lighters. These options allow you to choose a design that best suits your personal style and taste.

The body of the lighter is crafted with a beautiful, yet sturdy, material that feels substantial and comfortable in the hand. It's an accessory designed not just to look good, but also to withstand the rigors of regular use.

In summary, the XIKAR® ELX Dual Jet Cigar Torch Lighter is a marriage of elegance and functionality. Its windproof design, dual jet system, and beautiful finishes make it an essential accessory for anyone who values both style and performance in their cigar accessories. With the ELX, XIKAR® continues to prove that they are leaders in the industry, offering products that elevate the cigar experience to new heights.

Craftsmanship Behind Xikar's Premier Cigar Lighters

Choosing the right cigar lighter for you depends on various factors, including your specific needs, the conditions in which you'll be smoking, and your personal style. Xikar offers a comprehensive range of lighters, from soft flame butane lighters for pipe smokers to powerful windproof torch lighters. Whether you prefer the vintage elegance of the Pipeline Soft Flame Lighter, the modern ergonomics of the Resource Pipe Lighter, or the powerful performance of the ELX Dual Jet Lighter, Xikar has a lighter that's perfectly suited to you.

Choose the Right Cigar Lighter For You