Humidification Liquid Solutions

XIKAR® Cigar Humidifier Liquid Solution is the secret to safeguarding your precious cigar collection. Designed for cigar enthusiasts who demand perfection, this solution ensures your cigars remain at the ideal humidity level, allowing you to enjoy their full flavor and aroma. With XIKAR® Cigar Humidifier Liquid Solution, maintaining perfect humidity is effortless. Simply add this specially crafted solution to your humidification device, and let it work its magic. Your cigars will thank you with each satisfying puff. Elevate your cigar care with XIKAR® today.

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Propylene Glycol Solution

XIKAR® Propylene Glycol Solution 16oz, 3-pack

Propylene Glycol Solution for perfect cigar storage. XIKAR PG solution is pre-mixed and ready for use. Use every time your humidifier needs fluid. You may fill your humidifier directly from...