Retailer Warranty Return


If you are not a retailer, please visit our consumer warranty page

XIKAR is proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all XIKAR products. If a consumer feels that a XIKAR product fails to live up to our promise of function, form, feel, and fair, they can simply return it to us and we will immediately and cheerfully repair or replace the product. XIKAR reserves the right to repair or replace, at our discretion. Returned items may be replaced with a refurbished equivalent, depending on the age and condition of the return. If you choose to offer our Lifetime Warranty Program, consumers will be allowed to return defective XIKAR product to your retail location. Our warranty return program is for defective product only; it is not a trade-in or trade-up policy.

To complete a XIKAR lighter warranty return:

When a consumer visits your retail location with a lighter warranty issue, you will need to perform the below 3 simple troubleshooting steps; XIKAR will provide in-person training and an online how-to guide for performing these repair steps. Please contact your Business Development Manager to schedule a training session.
  • Step 1. Bleed any existing fuel from the lighter using a XIKAR MTX Tool or small screwdriver. With the lighter held upright, continue to depress the fuel fill valve until all pressure is relieved.
  • Step 2. Clean the burner area of the lighter using a can of compressed air. Do not use compressed air near open flame. Attempt to dislodge any debris around the circumference of the jet burners.
  • Step 3. Refill the lighter with XIKAR HIGH PERFORMANCE™ butane and wait 3 minutes for fuel to warm up. Adjust the flame height adjustment wheel as necessary.
  • Step 1
  • Step 3
  • Step 2


If you are unable to fix the consumer's XIKAR lighter after completing the above steps, please refer the consumer to the new XIKAR RMA Website.

Consumers can quickly and easily request warranty service, register their requests with an RMA number, receive instructions for service and track the progress of the request though all the steps until completion.

  • Create an account and register warranty service requests 24 hours|day, 7 days|week
  • Track requests online with an RMA job#, including delivery
  • Fast and continuous communication via email on warranty service

Please contact your Account Manager for information on returns regarding customized XIKAR products.

XIKAR retailers are responsible for all defective products shipped to XIKAR until they are received by the XIKAR warranty department.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.