XO Phantom Redwood
^ XO Phantom Redwood

XO Redwood
^ XO Redwood

XO Phantom Spalted Tamarind
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^ XO Phantom Spalted Tamarind

XO Polished
^ XO Polished

XO Black Honeycomb
^ XO Black Honeycomb

XO Brushed Silver
^ XO Brushed Silver

XO Black on Black
^ XO Black on Black

XO Chopper Orange
^ XO Orange

XO Red and Black
^ XO Red

XO Black
^ XO Black

XO Bronze
^ XO Bronze

XO Blue w/Black Blades
^ XO Blue w/Black Blades

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XO™ Double Guillotine Cutter

The XO is a cutting machine, inspired by timeless design principles. The dual stainless steel blades operate on a patent pending planetary gear system, ensuring the blades open and close in perfect harmony, providing a guided and clean cut every time. The distinct, round aluminum body of the XO is built for relentless durability and exceptional performance. Engineered to simplify the standard double guillotine style cut.

XO Cutter Features


  • Double Guillotine style cutter
  • Aluminum body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Planetary geared cutting system with five internal gears
  • Spring-loaded blade release button
  • 2.38" diameter
  • 64 RG (cuts the cap of 70RG cigars)

XO Cutter Features

  • The XO has been in R&D for over 3 years with multiple patents pending
  • Gear train designed using planetary gear sets to evenly distribute power to the cutter mechanics; the cutter can actually be closed applying pressure to only one blade
  • The sun gear rotates around the cutter opening, delivering spring force to the blade gears
  • The XO delivers the precision of a traditional scissors cut, in a compact and automatic package
  • Blades maintain equal spacing inside the cutter opening at all times; providing the ability to apply controlled and precise pressure
  • Allows for a large 64 RG cutter opening, but handles small RG cigars equally well

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SKU Title Price Cart
403CHBK XIKAR Polished Chrome XO Cigar Cutter $149.99 Add to cart >>
403BKRW XIKAR Phantom Redwood XO Cigar Cutter $129.99 Add to cart >>
403BH XIKAR Black Honeycomb XO Cigar Cutter $119.99 Add to cart >>
403BK2 XIKAR Black on Black XO Cigar Cutter $119.99 Add to cart >>
403BL XIKAR Blue with Black Blades XO Cigar Cutter $119.99 Add to cart >>
403RBK XIKAR Red XO Cigar Cutter $119.99 Add to cart >>
403RW XIKAR Redwood XO Cigar Cutter $119.99 Add to cart >>
403SL XIKAR Brushed Silver XO Cigar Cutter $119.99 Add to cart >>
403BK XIKAR Black XO Cigar Cutter $99.99 Add to cart >>
403BZ XIKAR Bronze XO Cigar Cutter $99.99 Add to cart >>
403OR XIKAR Orange XO Cigar Cutter $99.99 Add to cart >>



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