Xi Ultra Slim™ Black
Ultra Slim™ Black

Xi Ultra Slim™ Gunmetal
Ultra Slim™ Gunmetal

Xi Ultra Slim™ Silver
Ultra Slim™ Silver

^ Ultra Combo™

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Xi Ultra Slim™ Cutters

XIKAR's Xi series of cutters are world renowned. So when we proudly introduce a cutter without the iconic 'teardrop' shape, you can rest assured the Ultra Slim™ has passed our strict tests for sharpness, quality & style. At 60 ring gauge and as thin as a few credit cards, (only 3.5mm thin!) the Ultra will fit any occasion. As useful as any Xi cutter, you'll never forget it rests your pocket or wallet.

Laser engraved RG measurements easily identify each cigar cut from 24RG-56RG, with the capability to cut a 60RG cigar in half at the cutter's full extension and the cap off a 70 ring gauge cigar.

Ultra Slim cutter next to 3 credit cards

Width: 3.5 mm
Length: 2.5 inches
Weight: 1.5 oz

Ultra Combo™

Locks magnetically with the Ultra Mag™ Lighter.

Custom Engrave Your Product:

You may engrave this product with a personalized message! To learn more, visit our services page. Please note that custom engraved orders have an approximate three week lead time for processing!

Unfortunately, we can only engrave your XIKAR products when purchased through our website before the order is processed.

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907BK XIKAR Ultra Combo - Black $99.99 Add to cart >>
907GM XIKAR Ultra Combo - Gunmetal $99.99 Add to cart >>
907SL XIKAR Ultra Combo - Silver $99.99 Add to cart >>
107BK XIKAR Black Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter $54.99 Add to cart >>
107GM XIKAR Gunmetal Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter $54.99 Add to cart >>
107SL XIKAR Silver Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter $54.99 Add to cart >>



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