Xi3 Vintage Bronze
^ Xi3 Vintage Bronze

VX2 Vintage Bronze
^ VX2 Vintage Bronze

Verano Vintage Bronze
^ Verano Vintage Bronze

Cirro Vintage Bronze
^ Cirro Vintage Bronze

Ultra Mag Vintage Bronze
^ Ultra Mag Vintage Bronze

Executive II Vintage Bronze
^ Executive II Vintage Bronze

ELX Vintage Bronze
^ ELX Vintage Bronze

5x64 Turrim Vintage Bronze
^ 5x64 Turrim Vintage Bronze

Turrim Single : Vintage Bronze
^ Turrim Single : Vintage Bronze

Pulsar Vintage Bronze
^ Pulsar Vintage Bronze

Trezo Vintage Bronze
^ Trezo Vintage Bronze

Volta Vintage Bronze
^ Volta Vintage Bronze

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Vintage Bronze Collection by XIKAR

The XIKAR Vintage Bronze Collection offers a distinguished look, with a classic and refined style that is sure to stand the test of time.

Vintage Bronze Collection Cutters

Xi3 Vintage Bronze Cutter

Each Xi3 Vintage Bronze cutter is hand-polished for a unique and elegant finish. The black blades are PVD plated for durability and provide a modern, masculine appearance. The Xi3 Vintage Bronze offers timeless style that will last a lifetime... View similar products...

VX2 Vintage Bronze Cutter

The VX2 V-Cut is engineered to create the optimal depth of a v-cut, ensuring plenty of draw without damaging your cigar cap. The inverted stainless steel blade provides inward pressure to the cap of the cigar during the cut, preventing the cap from expanding and splitting. View similar products...

Vintage Bronze Collection Lighters

Verano™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

The Verano Flat Flame lighter provides the power of a double flame, breadth of a triple flame, for maximum fuel efficiency. View similar products...

Cirro™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

The all new Cirro lighter is taking cigar smoking to new heights. This high altitude lighter works at up to 12,000 feet above sea level and features a windproof flame. View similar products...

Ultra Mag™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

The Ultra Mag lighter features an enhanced magnetic attachment system, providing a seamless magnetic connection to its space saving counterpart, the Ultra Slim cutter. View similar products...

Executive™ II Vintage Bronze Lighter

The Executive II lighter was developed for XIKAR customers seeking high quality, functionality and sophistication. This single jet flame lighter features a simple side squeeze ignition system, large fuel window and oversized adjustment wheel. A stylish and sophisticated look at an affordable price. View similar products...

ELX™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

The ELX can light and cut a cigar with its 9mm cigar punch hidden in the bottom. A simple push-down on the ignition button opens a protective lid and ignites a powerful double jet flame. Our new finishes add a sleek look to this everyday essential. View similar products...

5x64 Turrim™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

The 5x64 Turrim is a tall, robust and unique double jet flame lighter. Its versatile cylindrical shape allows for easy portability in a cigar slot inside your travel case or as a durable table top lighter. Its massive fuel tank and oversized, ratcheting fuel adjustment wheel are revolutionary to the cigar industry. Stand Tall. Journey Far. View similar products...

Turrim™ Single Vintage Bronze Lighter

The Turrim Single is XIKAR's newest family addition. Built on the same principles as the 5x64 Turrim, the Turrim Single is a thinner, shorter 4.5x50 version in a single jet flame. The oversized fuel tank is elongated, providing ample butane capacity and the EZ-View™ Red Fuel window makes it easy to visibly detect when it's time to refill with butane. View similar products...

Pulsar™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

XIKAR's Pulsar lighter features a powerful triangle triple jet flame that can be ignited two different ways-side squeeze/pullback ignition action on the top of the lighter. It also features a built-in, fold-out 7mm cigar punch, a great option for the smoker on the go. View similar products...

Trezo™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

Flip up the protective lid and then pull down the center trigger to fire up this inline triple jet flame system. A large fuel window and oversized adjustment wheel ensure easy use. The new vintage bronze finish puts the perfect look on this powerful lighter. View similar products...

Volta™ Vintage Bronze Lighter

The Volta bundles XIKAR's patented technologies to deliver a high performance quad flame tabletop lighter. The oversized push button ignition fits flush against the cylindrical metal body creating a powerful appearance. The high tech camera aperture-inspired lid protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a quick twist of the top lid. View similar products...



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