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Mayan Collection

Tribal Origins Meet Modern Technology

XIKAR has designed an inspiring collection of cigar accessories that reveal the artistry of the Mayan civilization, one of the grandest in the world. XIKAR’s Mayan Collection is symbolic of the indigenous descendants while the beautiful collaboration enhances the collectability of these one-of-a-kind series. Mayan ancient art combined with XIKAR’s cutter, lighter and table tops capture the awe-inspiring culture in a singular masterpiece.
Mayan architecture spans many thousands of years and recognizable by the stepped pyramids from the Terminal Pre-classic period and beyond. Many consider Mayan art of their Classic Era (c. 250 to 900 AD) to be the most sophisticated and beautiful of the ancient New World. XIKAR has a strong affiliation with the Mayan culture which is illustrated in this great collection of lighters and cutters.

Xi3 Mayan Collection Cutters

Xi3 3D Mayan Cutter

3D Mayan Cutter is XIKAR’s ultimate masterpiece of the Mayan civilization. This is a cutter that’s as physically imposing as the Mayan culture that inspired it. The 3D cutter is enhanced by depth perception of sophisticated beauty of the ancient New World. The craftsmanship and design make this 3D cutter a timeless luxury for the serious cigar enthusiasts. Visit 3D Mayan Cutter page

Mayan Collection Lighters

Mayan Cloisonné Table Top Lighter

Mayan Cloisonné Triple-Flame Table Top Lighter is the perfect cigar tool to toast the foot of your favorite cigar. The Mayan triple flame performance is more than brute power; it is a warm welcome to any cigar. Mayan Cloisonné Triple Flame is symbolic of  XIKAR’s positioning statement… The Best Thing to Happen to Cigars Since Fire. View similar products...

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