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XIKAR Cigar Accessories are manufactured to the most strict standards of quality, ensuring perfectly cut and lit cigars every time.

The world renown XIKAR® Xi cutter gives cigar enthusiasts the finest cigar cut with power, efficiency and ease of use. The cutter operates by a double-guillotine scissors action, using a bottom hinge point with an internal spring to release the cutter to the open position. A locking device retains the blades in the closed position after each cut. This feature adds to the safety and portability of the cutter.

XIKAR Lighters are available in a variety of flames types and styles for the most demanding aficionado.

All XIKAR lighters proudly meet the performance criteria of ISO 9994 & F 400 Standards and are designed using XIKAR's four fundamentals.

  • Form - Cutting Edge Design
  • Feel - Ergonomic
  • Function - Easy to use, quality materials
  • Fair - Elegant and affordable

Instructions for Use

Lighters: XIKAR Lighter Ignited

  • A simple action on the ignition switch ignites a powerful
    flame over 2,000 degrees.  This flame can be nearly invisible in
    bright light, so proper care is recommended.
  • To avoid heat buildup, do not use in any situation that would
    require a continuous flame for more than 10 seconds. The lighter
    may become too hot and cause harm to the lighter and/or the user.
  • Releasing pressure from the ignition button of the lighter
    immediately extinguishes the flame by stopping fuel flow.
    If flame continues, the flame level is set too high and should be
    adjusted by turning the adjustment wheel on the bottom of the
    lighter towards the (-) position.
  • Turn the fuel adjustment wheel on the bottom of the lighter
    towards the (+) mark to increase the flame and turn the wheel
    towards the (-) to decrease the flame to achieve a desired height. 
  1. Release all tank pressure by pressing on the inlet valve with a small
    screwdriver or a XIKAR MTX Multi Tool bleeder (shown). Hold the
    lighter vertical while bleeding valve. Repeat this several times until all
    fuel/ gas pressure is released.
  2. Set flame adjustment to lowest setting (-).
  3. Turn lighter in upside down position and insert butane tank tip directly
    on the fuel valve. Do not shake the can of butane! This increases the amount
    of propellent in the mixture that goes into the lighter, and should not be done.
    Press down firmly for about 5 seconds. 
  4. Before igniting lighter, wait 3-4 minutes.  This allows excess butane to
    evaporate and gas inside lighter to reach room temperature.
  5. Set flame level to desired height by turning flame adjuster wheel.

Adobe PDF Document Download XIKAR Lighter Instruction Manual >>

Holding Xi Cigar Cutter Xi Cutters:

Hold the cutter on one side in the first crook of knuckles, and on the other side along the length of your thumb. Use a powerful snap squeeze to cut your cigar for best effect. Note the two sides operate independently of one another, so one will always close against the cigar first. Rest assured that both blades meet in the middle and that each cuts the same amount of cigar.


XIKAR utilizes the "liner lock" on Xi knives for easy opening and closing. To release the lock and close the knife, simply turn the belly of the knife up so that you can see the blade slot. Then, using your thumb, push the angled liner that is pinned against the butt of the blade sideways toward the knife handle and away from the blade base. Once the liner is in a straight position against the body, close the blade slightly and the lock is released. You can now close the knife completely.


This unit will read humidity in the range of 20% to 95%. Should the relative humidity be outside this range, the unit will show two dashes (- -). This simply means the humidity is outside the readable range. This unit will read humidity most accurately in the 60-80% range.

Hygrometer Batteries

XIKAR hygrometers are manufactured following strict standards for years of trouble free operation. However, if you find that the screen does not turn on, remove the battery by opening the cover located on the back of the unit. Make sure the battery is installed properly and makes contact with the silver metal contact. If the unit will not turn on, replace the battery.

XIKAR hygrometers have used various battery sizes over the years. To ensure you purchase the right battery for your hygrometer, check your specific unit. For equivalent batteries sizes, see below. Follow each link for a complete list of compatible batteries.

LR1130 - current round & rectangle silver models.
Will also accept AG10, SR54, LR54, etc.

G12-A - previous rectangle models with calibration.
Will also accept AG12, SR43, LR43, 386, etc.

G13-A - previous round models with calibration.
Will also accept AG13, SR44, LR44, 357, etc.

CR1225 - previous round models with calibration.

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Keep Out of Reach of Children & Away from all open flame sources
•  Bleeding and adjusting your lighter is much easier with a XIKAR
    MTX Multi-tool!   
•  Lighter contains flammable gas under pressure.  Handle carefully.
•  Ensure that flame is extinguished before attempting to fill.
•  Never attempt to ignite lighter while refilling.
•  Read butane canister warning labels.
•  Only refill lighter in a well-ventilated area.
•  Hold lighter away from face and clothing while filling lighter.
•  Never fill lighter around any heat source, sparks or flame.
•  Premium butane is highly recommended, as lower quality butane has been known to clog lighters.


Use only as intended. Do not place any object other than a cigar in the opening aperture of the cutter. Do not use knives to pry or puncture. This could be dangerous to you and may ruin the cutter's mechanics. XIKAR products are sharp cutting instruments! Please keep all XIKAR products out of reach of children and irresponsible adults. Damage as a result of misuse may void your warranty.

It's Sharp!
Do not test the blades' sharpness with your thumb, it's dumb! You can't feel the edge on the sharpest blades, so you will cut yourself before it "feels" sharp. The proper way to test the sharpness of any blade is to slice a shaving off the side of a lightweight piece of paper. Angle your blade edge 45 degrees against the paper's edge, and slice. If it cuts it is sharp. If it tears, it needs buffing.

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Suggestions for cleaning and maintenance


Lighters not in use / Lighters in storage

•  Before storing lighters, empty all fuel.  If your lighter has not been
    used for a long period of time and it appears to be no longer
    working, empty all fuel from the lighter by following step 1 in the
    filling/ re-filling instructions, then refuel and adjust the flame
    level.  This should correct any problems.

Cleaning your Lighter

•  Occasionally dust and/or lint can clog the ignition valve, causing
    the lighter to malfunction.  To clear obstructions such as these,
    blow a burst of air into the ignition valve.

Everyday storage of your lighter

•  To prevent scratches and dings to your lighter from normal storage
    in a pocket or car console, we recommend you keep your lighter
    in a XIKAR pouch.  If you do not have one, please register your lighter.


We recommend that you periodically clean and lubricate the locking / opening mechanism on XI cutters and knives. Simply place a couple of drops of a quality graphite lubricant (such as TUF GLIDE or LOCK EASE) in the mechanism, and operate the unit for deep penetration. Wipe away excess lubricant when finished. The locking mechanism of XI cutters can be accessed through the hole that appears above the release button when the cutter is open.

Blades may be cleaned of debris using rubbing alcohol. We also recommend using a soft chamois cloth to polish the blade steel.

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