Friends of XIKAR

XIKAR proudly supports our friends, partners and troops. Each individual and organization listed below represents their respected brand with integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty. To honor our friends we have dedicated this page to them, to learn more about our friends please take the time to get to know them in their own words...

Rick "HutcH" Hutchings
"I've worked with XIKAR since 2002. I have been a scrimshaw artist for 20 years. Scrimshaw is the art of scratching into a handle surface to form a pattern, picture or lettering and then filling the scratches with acrylic ink. I have done the scrimshaw art on the knife handles and pistol grips for the movies Expendables 1, 2 and 3 and made a custom skull cutter for Sly Stallone for the Expendables 1 movie wrap of production.

I have dressed XIKAR Xi3 cutter bodies with Fossil Mammoth Ivory Bark, creamy inner Mammoth Ivory for scrimshaw, Tiger and Apple Coral , Water Buffalo Horn and many man-made handle alternatives.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my wife Julie and our 4 dogs. My studio and shop are a regular gathering place for cigar smokers and bourbon drinkers. We always try new sticks and cutters and I get good input on my selection of materials and leathers. Sometimes the bourbon may shadow the discussion toward sports or politics, but we do enjoy ourselves.

My work with the cigar industry and XIKAR has enhanced my art and life."

Room101 Brand
West Coast meets Far East in artist and jewelry designer Matt Booth's aesthetic. While deployed to the Far East as a U.S. Infantry Marine, Booth found himself overwhelmed by the rich culture he experienced there. After returning to the States, Booth was introduced to the thriving silver scene in Los Angeles while working at the Whisky a Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard. It was this fusion of Asian influence and an obsession with custom jewelry that inspired Booth to create his own brand in 2003. With the vision of an artist and the tenacity of a Marine, Matt Booth began blending the traditional Asian characters and motifs he first encountered during his tour of duty with a heavy dose of Los Angeles grit to create the conceptual backbone of Room101. In the years to follow the Room101 collection has grown to include bespoke tailored leather jackets and bags as well as custom instruments and knives. In 2009, through close collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva's executives and master craftsmen, Booth expanded his brand with the development a boutique line of bold cigars in conjunction with the industry giant. As Booth's vision constantly evolves, the Room101 Brand has become the go-to brand for exceptional, custom-made pieces. He has created the luxury brand for those who demand quality with an edge.

Tampa Fuego
Just across Tampa Bay and the well-known cigar-savvy Ybor City lies Roma Industries, home of the 40,000 square foot factory where, under the experienced guidance of head designer and creative director Wilbert Garcia, expert crafts people produce Tampa Fuego cigar accessories. The years of experience which Mr. Garcia nurtured in Ecuador and then in the United States are evident in the luxurious accessories crafted from exotic skins and fine imported leathers.

From alligator to lizard, crocodile to python, in the hands of our leather artisans, simple leathers and exotic skins are transformed into luxurious cigar cases and cigar accessories. Many of our leather craftsmen come from generations of skilled professionals who have handed down their expertise in hope of carrying on the tradition of their trade. That is why, from paper sketch to finished piece, there is no quality detail overlooked.

With more than 150 people plying their individual skills in our Largo, Florida factory, the ethnic diversity is vast. From all walks of life, countries and origins, the goal with Tampa Fuego (as with every division of Roma Industries) is the same: Made With Pride in the USA!

Geoffroy Gournet
Geoffroy Gournet is an internationally known master engraver and works exclusively on custom orders. He is the number one specialist on Parker Gun engraving. His work has been published in books, newspapers and magazines all over the world such as: Double Gun Journal, Shooting Sportsman, Chicago Tribune, Best Gun, Fucile d'autore by Marco Nobili, Best Guns by Michael Mac Intosh and others.

"I was born in France in Rethel, in the French Ardennes in 1959. After graduating from the Belgian School of Gunsmith in Leige, I spent many years in workshops working 80 hours a week with other masters of Engraving such as Cesare Giovanelli, Gianfranco Pedersoli and the very young Giovani Steduto. After fine tuning the art of engraving, I started full time engraving for Parker Shotguns in 1987. Then in 2001, I became a full time freelance master engraver and currently live in Easton, Pennsylvania where I primarily engrave guns for connoisseurs; I also engrave knives, cigar cutters, watches, jewelry/engagement rings, cufflinks, musical instruments, silver plates, and also antique furniture restoration.

My craft is time consuming because I do not use a laser, acid or any mechanical technique to create my art. It is all done by hand; engraving some pieces takes three to twelve months of full time work. Each cut is performed by hand, using a hand pushed graver, to create very light lines, the "Bulino", or with a hammer and chisel for deeper cuts, using inlays of pure gold, color gold and platinum in my work."

Operation: Cigars for Warriors
Our top priority is collecting then dispersing premium cigars and accessories to American Service Men and Women serving in combat zones (Air, Land and Sea). Our second priority is American Service Men and Women on long term deployments OCONUS (Outside [the] contiguous United States), in 3rd world environments and other appropriate Areas of Operations. It is our way to honor, show respect and thank those putting it all on the line for us back home. We have received requests from many soldiers who have no one here in the U.S. to send them care packages, and would otherwise receive nothing.

This mission that we have taken up is one of great importance, as we know that some of these fine men and women would not be able to enjoy well-deserved moments of reassurance and relaxation without the generosity of sponsors and individual donors. The mental health benefits of a premium cigar is unsurpassed for our troops, especially considering that it's the #1 requested item by our Warriors.

We hope that you may be able to assist us in continuing this mission now and in the future. We are seeking donations from both individuals and corporate sponsors. Just as every warrior matters, so does each cigar. Please join us in supporting our endeavor to send love, honor and respect, one cigar at a time to those whose sacrifices never end. 501 (c) 3 Approved Charity

Support the Troops, Inc
Mission Statement: To provide support to our Soldiers, their children, their families and other surrounding charities that care for the same.

"Support The Troops" sends out about 120-250 boxes each week with an average weight of 45-60 pounds to U.S. military units in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Kyrgyzstan. On a daily basis we receive wish lists from the troops either via email or through their families or friends. We do our best to fulfill those requests. The basic items we take for granted here can make a real difference in the quality of life our service personnel experience when deployed in combat zones and remote locations. Receiving an unexpected box of goodies can be a tremendous morale booster for those far from home.

The packages we send out contain a variety of items popular with the troops, including coffee, snack foods, batteries, DVD's, and personal toiletries. Some of these goods are donated by local businesses and organizations; others we must purchase to meet the need.

This is an on-going project for us so we must continue to seek help with our increasing postage expenses. The cost to ship one box can range from $55 to $75, depending on the contents and the APO or FPO address to which it is sent. Our postage costs alone run over $20,000 each month. We always have boxes packed up and ready to ship out, but often lack the necessary funds to send them. To help support this operation, please visit our webpage. (Please note that all donations to Support the Troops are 100% tax deductible)